Cable and Wire Drying

The removal of the residual moisture film from insulated wire/cable and extruded products has been difficult to achieve effectively and consistently.


ACI's new ‘LINE-Dry' System solves this problem whilst also saving energy and reducing running costs when compared to compressed air nozzle arrangements and other existing blower-driven devices.

When compared to compressed air systems up to 10 fold energy savings can be achieved which potentially equates to savings of £1000s per annum.

  • The blower supplied is ACI's variable speed ‘Multi-Stage' unit (Standard 2.3kW, 240V, 3Ph unit. 110V supply available) controlled via a speed controller. This gives flexibility to accommodate different products and line speeds.
  • Two drying head options are available, one with the dryer heads enclosed to contain displaced moisture and the other is an open unit.
  • The supplied blower unit is mounted on legs and enclosed in an ABS plastic enclosure which prevents moisture ingress.
  • Air is delivered at up to 2.8psi (80in. SWG) at speeds of 8,800m/min (28,900ft/min) typically at 80 deg.C
  • FREE DEMOS / Customer Site Surveys available to UK based companies.  For all other territories please contact your nearest Distributor.

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