Atex Rated Fans

Single inlet backward bladed/radial bladed or curved forward bladed, ATEX rated centrifugal fans.  ACI's ATEX approved fans can be Stainless Steel, Mild Steel or Aluminium.

Consideration must be given to any agressive substances in the atmosphere with regard to the material used in their manufacture. If required, special paint finishes are available. 

Key Performance Figures:

  • Flow rates up to 200,000M³/hr
  • Pressure up to 150mBar
  • Increased Safety Motors (EExe)
  • Flameproof (EExd)
  • Non-Sparking (Ex N)

ATEX Features:

In order to supply fully compliant ATEX units, the end-user must provide ACI with the essential details on the environment in which the fan will be required to operate. The ATEX Directive sets out the main duties on end-users of fans as:

  • To prevent the formation of explosive atmospheres
  • Assessment of explosion risk
  • Classification of the workplace into Zones
  • Select ATEX products according to Zone
  • Prepare an explosion protection document
  • Identify hazardous areas using warning signs

ACI has a form available that the end-user/client needs to complete - however, if you are uncertain on any aspect of the ATEX Directive we would recommend that you contact to ACI.

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